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We one of the fastest growing independent car sales businesses in the county. With over 10 year’s experience, we are committed to providing you with the highest levels of customer service

Who We Are?

We are the largest Suriname Company limited or Import all new and Used cars Import around the world. In our main locate base stocks in Bangkok Thailand.

What We Do?

We do not just supply used Hilux for sale but also our service including 100% outgoing inspection of your selected used cars and Import car accessories .

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We are committed to our community and our customers. Ask us, about how we do business your way. You’ll feel our appreciation towards you.

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner is one of the best selling SUV car in Thailand which are available in 4×4 & 4×2. It is also available in Diesel & Petrol which do have fuel consumption of 2.5D4D, 3.0D4D and 2.7 VVT-I. Isuzu is being manufactured in SUV which is also known as MU7, vehicles which caters the needs and requirements of selective users who approach us to fulfill their required standard

Vigo 4×4 double cab

Hilux Vigo is a massive achievement of perfection to the next level. It is the vehicle of strong commitment. The engineers who have planned the Toyota hilux Vigo have captured imagination and improved the vehicle to the highest of levels and have taken the bar to a very next level. The Hilux Vigo 4×4 double cab possess in it quality and utility areas, drawn from the necessities of the driver and the pickup in the upcoming future.